Timberline, Montana ca. 1885
Timberline, MT had a post office from Jan. 19, 1885 to April 22, 1898, then the mail went to Chestnut.  Timberline is on "the hill"
called the Bozeman Pass.  The area south of the interstate highway (on a map) is home to many coal mines of the era.  Coal was used to make coke, which was used in the smelting of the copper from the world's largest copper mine in Butte, MT.  Some of it was used by the Northern Pacific Railroad for their steam engines.  The copper and gold mining operations used up so much timber to reinforce the mine walls that firewood became scarce, so residents also bought coal to heat their homes. Timberline had a school and even had a  Silver Cornet Band which toured the state, giving concerts.  It says,"  Timberline once supported a population of three hundred families.  Miners came from England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Denmark.  A few Chinese immigrants cooked at the boardinghouses.  Miners from Montenegro achieved local notoriety for their famous pork and beer parties."
Above information provided to Paul W. Broughton during his search for the William & Margaret JACQUES Family in Timberline c.1893 by "a lady in Livingston." Probably SKS from the Park County Historical Society. Thank You PCHS and all genealogy volunteers in Livngston.