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Forename, head, age, occupation, birth place (Direct Line with B&M Certificatesb,m/Parish Register(bef.1837))

Durham & Northumberland


Durham 1861, 1871, 1881 Census; Birth & Marriage Certificates; Collierley Parish Register
Research credit to Lynne Coulson of New Zealand. A major contributor and BULLERWELL Family Descendant.

Credit to Neville Collins of London, another Bullerwell Descendant, for all his research on our behalf.


John b. ca1710
             + Elianor Gibson,, m. 7 July 1741, Ryton DUR
             + Isabel Hall m. 24 September 1765, Ryton
          George christened  May 1766, Ryton
             + Isable Lawes m. 17 June 1794, buried 13 December 1795 Ryton
George, .c.13 December 1795, farmer, DUR (Gr Gr Grandfather-paternal)
     Ann Middleton b.1796 (Gr Gr Grandmother-paternal)
               [See Middleton Family Line]
Mary Forster, wife m.14 May 1823, Tanfield
       James Middleton, head, b.1818, farm labourer 1843, Coke Burner 1888, Herrington, DUR
       + Ann BROWN, wife, b.1823, Barlow, DUR; m. 7/23/1843m, St. Nicholas Parish, Newcastle
            (Gr Grandparents-paternal)copy 1871 Harelaw census w/all living children
  1. Jane, dau, b.1/1844, Harelaw, d.4/14/1856, burial Collierley Parish, DUR      
  2. George, son, b.Aug 1845, Coke Drawer, Consett, DUR
         Mary A., dau, b.1873, Kyo, DUR
    Christiana, dau b.1873,
  3. Ann, dau b. Apr 1848
  4. Francis Brown, dau, b. 8/25/1850, Harelaw, DUR
  5. Sarah, dau, b. 7/15/1852, Harelaw
  6. Mary, dau, b. 8/1854, Harelaw
  7. James Middleton, son, b. 7/20/1856, Harelaw; d.10/6/1861
  8. Jane, dau, b. Aug 1858
  9. John, son, b. 8/3/1860, d. 8/5/1860, burial Harelaw
  10. John, son, b. July 1861
  11. Jane Brownb, dau, 7/27/1863, Harelaw
  12. Isabellab, dau, b. 8/2/1865 Harelaw;   m. John William Embleton MARTIN  3/24/1888m St.Cuthberts,      Gateshead; d. 6/2/1952, burial Livingston, Montana (Grandparents-paternal)
  13. James, son, 3/22/1868, Harelaw
  14. Elizabeth Eleanor, dau, 2/16/1870, Harelaw


Durham 1871 Census & Marriage Certificate

John, head, b.1800, Coal Miner, Co. Durham  (Gr Gr Grandfather)
UNK, Wife

  1. Ann, dau, b.1823, Barlow, DUR  m. James Middleton BULLERWELL 7/23/1843m, St. Nicholas Parish, Newcastle (Gr Grandparents-paternal)


Seghill, NBL 1851 Census; Marriage Certificates

John, Head, age 38, Miller farming, born Bishopwearmouth, DUR (Gr Gr Grandfather-paternal)
Ann, Wife, 39, Longhorsley,NBL  (Gr Gr Grandmother-paternal)

  1. Mary W[ilkin], 15, Newcastle All Saints; m. Michael MARTIN 7/28/1856m, St.John The Baptist (Gr Grandparents-paternal)
  2. Richard, 11, Gosforth
  3. Susannah, 9, Scholar, Tynemouth
  4. John, 4, Tynemouth
Bishopwearmouth, DUR 1851 Census

William, Head, 64, Clerk, born Chester, DUR
Jane, wife, 56,   Monkwearmouth, DUR
John, 56, Lodger, Labourer, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Bishopwearmouth South, DUR 1851 Census

Barbara, age 63, born Easington, DUR
G.  (f),30, Sunderland, DUR
Isabella, 27, Sunderland, DUR
William, 48, Sunderland, DUR
Thomasina, 44, Sunderland, DUR


Seghill, NBL 1851, 1871, 1881 UK Census; Birth & Marriage Certificates; 1900, 1910, US Census
John, head, b.1804, Coal Miner, Newcastle All Saints
Ann, wife, b.1809, Wallsend, NBL; m. abt 1827 [place TBD]
  1. William, son, b.1828, Wallsend
  2. John, son, b.1832, Wallsend
  3. *Michael, son, b.1835, Seghill, NBL
    Mary Wilkin Embleton, wife, b.1836 Newcastle All Saints; m. 7/28/1856m St. John The Baptist, Newcastle(Gr Grandparents-paternal)
     **John William Embleton, son, b.1/15/1861 Seghill, NBL, Coal Miner; d.1936 Livingston, MT
     +  Isabella BULLERWELL, wife, m. 3/24/1888m St. Cuthberts, Gateshead; (Grandparents-maternal)
          John Williamb, son, b.9/12/1889, Catchgate Collierley, DUR; d. 12/8/1947 Livingston, MT
           + Henrietta E. DARMSTADT, wife, 11/1932m , Livingston, MT (Parents)
               James Henryb
                    James William Irvingb
          James Bernard, son, b.11/12/1890, Catchgate Collierley, DUR
               + Mary Ann CONDON, Wife, b. ,
          Matthew C., son, b.5/1895, Timberline, Gallatin Co. Montana
*(Michael's siblings, contunued)
    4. Dorothy, dau, b.1839, Seghill
   5. Mary A., dau, b.1841, Seghill
    6. Margaret, dau, b.1844, Seghill
   7. Ralph, son, b.1847, Seghill
   8. Hannah, dau, b.1849, Seghill

**(1. John William Embleton's Siblings Continued)

     2. Susannah, dau, b.1863
     3. Richard, son, b.1864
     4. Michael, son, b.1865
     5. Mary, dau, b.1870
     6. Elizabeth, dau, b.1872
     7. Matthew, son, b.1874



From IGI a Christening for Ann Middleton 6 Dec 1796, Chester Le Street, DUR

                     James, head, b. ca.1770
                       + Margaret Lewins, wife, b. ca. 1771
  1. Ann, dau, christened 6 Dec 1796 Chester le Street
        James Middleton, Ann's son, Christened 20 March 1818 at St Michael's, Bishopwearmouth; raised
    as James Middleton Bullerwell by his father George Bullerwell b. 1795 [See Bullerwell Family line. Some Bullerwell families having migrated from Ryton to Bishopwearmouth about this time.]


    Longhorsley, NBL 1851 Census

    Michael, head, 28, Agricultural Labourer, born Longhorsley, NBL
    Hannah, wife, 32, Ulgham, NBL
    Ann, dau, 1 yr, Longhorsley

    Thomas, head, 40, Shoemaker, born Ponteland, NBL
    Elizabeth, wife, 36, Longhoughton

    Isabella, dau, 12, Earsdon
    John, son, 10, Longhorsley
    Michael, son, 5, Longhorsley
    Elizabeth, dau, 3, Longhorsley



    Ireland - 1859 Marriage Certificate, 1870, 1880, 1900 US Federal Census, CA, WA.

    UNK, head, b.c.1810, Ireland
    UNK, wife, b.c.1810, Ireland(Gr Gr Grandparents-maternal)

    1. Brigit Grace, dau, b.c.12/1841, Ireland, arrived New York City 1856; m. William ROCHE 7/3/1859m, St. Joseph's Church (RC), New York City



    Cork, Ireland - Military Records USA, 1870 US Federal Census, California

    William, head, b.c.6/1840, Soldier, Cork, Ireland; m. Brigit Grace BLAKE 7/3/1859m, St. Joseph's Church (RC) New York City. KIA 7/3/1877 Cotton Wood Canyon, ID
    Brigit Grace, wife, b.c.12/1841, Ireland. d.1903 Ft. Walla Walla, WA(Gr Grandparents-maternal

    1. William, son, b.7/29/64, San Francisco, CA
    2. Johanna, dau, b.9/8/1867, San Francisco
    3. Margaret Elizabeth, dau, b.3/13/1869, San Francisco; m. Jacob Peter DARMSTADT 4/15/1899m, Walla Walla, WA (Grandparents-maternal)
         Henrietta Elizabeth DARMSTADT, dau, b.1900 Ft. Yellowstone, Wyo; m. John William MARTIN  11/12/1932m, Livingston, Montana; d. 10/3/1985, Ft. Sam Houston, TX (Parents)
         4. David, son, b.5/17/1875, San Francisco d.After 1930 Walla Walla
     Newcastle St. Johns
     Newcastle St. Nicholas  Newcastle All Saints

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    Whitley Bay, North East England